Laura Jones Art

‘Uplifting Art to Brighten Up Your Day’

I am a contemporary British artist with a passion for colour, abstraction and "things with wings". 

I had a legal education (like the artists Matisse & Kandinsky) and practised as a lawyer for several years. However my desire to paint and embrace my creativity grew ever stronger and I made a life-changing decision to pursue my love of art.  I decided to swap the courtroom for canvases and have never looked back. 

With each artwork, I aim to convey my subject's unique character through a process of observation, abstraction and imagination. I use a wide range of traditional and digital mixed media techniques from painting with acrylics and inks on canvas to using virtual watercolours, pastels and oils on my digital tablet.

My 'Birds Go Pop' series was inspired by Andy Warhol and this collection of colourful characters will bring a modern touch to any home.

I hope that my work connects with you in some way and you enjoy looking at it as much I enjoy creating it.